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  •  Where is the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy? (none)
    ...when you need it?

    If Scientologists can infiltrate the IRS, why cannot progressives infiltrate the mass media? The bloggers here have certainly demonstrated their intelligence and writing skills... we need allies on the inside to ask these hard questions!

    Contact your representative aswell and get them to pose these questions on the floor!

    •  Media! (none)
      Sure, we could get jobs in journalism. Some of us even have degrees in it. But...actual reporters already tend to be pretty liberal. It's one of the reasons that the "liberal media" meme has legs.

      It's editors, publishers, owners -- that's where the right wing spin is coming from. And that's harder to break into. You pretty much have to start your own publication. That's why the Internet has become so important.

      That said, I believe lowly copy editors still write most of the headlines on the dailies. Headlines are incredibly important at establishing spin.

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