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  •  Even Reagan wouldn't have invaded Iraq (none)
    I'm thinking back to the 1990s, and I don't recall ever having the feeling that Clinton wanted to invade Iraq.  

    Say what you will about Reagan, but Bush has managed to not live up to two of his favorite icons: Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt.  Besides Teddy's innately enormous balls which he managed to pass on to his kids (the 4 sons who served in WWI and the 3 who survived serving again in WWII; come to think of it, the Roosevelt genes must have engendered ballsiness since a sitting President, FDR's, son served as an officer in the Marine Raiders and participated in the Makin Island raid:  "Risking his life, over and beyond the ordinary call of duty, Major Roosevelt continually exposed himself to intense machine-gun and sniper fire to insure effective control of operations from the command post. As a result of his successful maintenance of communications with his supporting vessels, two enemy surface ships were destroyed by gunfire. Later, during evacuation, he displayed exemplary courage in personally rescuing three men from drowning in the heavy surf. His gallant conduct and his inspiring devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service."), you have the whole assassin's bullet episode when Teddy was running as independent, got up and gave his speech, then allowed himself to be taken to the hospital (and did the greatest electoral spread as an independent over an incumbent of one of the two Parties - 88 vs. Taft's 8 but Wilson won with 435).

    No, say what you will about Reagan, he was definitely all about bluff, and if it came to it, a quick in and out.  240 Marines dead in Beirut?  Prudent to pull them out.  By today's standards, I suppose some in his Party might say that was "admitting defeat" or whatever.

    Gorbachev wants to negotiate aggressive reductions in nuclear weapons?  Sure will.

    At least Reagan, for all his other issues, could actually compromise when compromise was due.

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