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  •  "When my house burns down..." (4+ / 0-)

    What about when my house catches fire?  Should I expect the government to put it out?  What kind of selfish leeches are we breeding in this country that we would feel entitled to have the government put out house fires.

    What about personal responsibility.  It's my house.  Am I not responsible for what happens in it and my own safety protocols?  If I smoke in bed, why should the government have to come running free of charge when the blanket catches fire and sets the house on fire.  Didn't the Surgeon General warn me not to smoke?  And what kind of moron would smoke in bed anyway?

    So we should let the house burn down.  And let the neighbors worry about their houses, just as I should have worried about my house.  If the whole town burns down like the London Fire or the Chicago Fire, then it's the whole town's fault and the fire department shouldn't lift a finger.  A cow knocked over a lantern?  What the fuck were you Chicagoans doing leaving a lighted lantern around a farm animal, anyway?  Burn your own city down, fuckers, but don't expect the surrounding cities to bail you out with free firefighter help.

    Really, when we just put out fires for free, we're encouraging people to be firebugs in their own homes.  "Why shouldn't I put a blanket next to the fireplace?  The government will come and put out the fire if something happens.  Ha ha ha ha ha!"  See?  It encourages that kind of thinking.  And thus it causes MORE fires because people lose their sense of individual responsibility.  

    It's just plain common sense.

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