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View Diary: Reince boldly decides RNC members should march more, talk less (48 comments)

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  •  Retro Abortions. (1+ / 0-)
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    Outlawing abortions ('cause we all know how caring conservatives are about anything but money and war) would be good for the GOP.  That way they'll have enough bodies to use as cannon fodder in their next war.  

    We don't know with them whether they'll wage war on some other country with a house trailer in the desert and call it WMD, so we'll need all those extra bodies so the conservatives' children need not ever have to fight.

    The GD conservatives took congress in 2010 saying they deserved to win because they would create jobs.  Where are those jobs?  This congress led by the laziest politicians to ever grace our political landscape has done NOTHING but obstruct the President's every move.

    I also love the way they take the moral high ground on abortion but have no qualms about sending our children to war, playing with prostitutes or cruising Dupont Circle for "party favors".

    The Conservatives (GOP/TP) will do anything to detract from their incompetency, inaction and hubris.

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