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View Diary: Politics as Professional Wrestling: Why Did Melissa Harris-Perry Apologize to the Romney Family? (83 comments)

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  •  YO (0+ / 0-)

    I ASKED repeatedly for specifics acts of racism. You say he belongs to a racist party or religion, which is your opinion.

    1) If you cannot provide me with an act of racism then please stop the BS. I do not care if ti is Romney or anyone else. See my comments condemning racism.

    So other questions you have still refused to address over and over:

    2) Why is it OK to make if the kid?

    3) Why is i OK to use that kid as a political tool?

    Mormons gave that restriction up in 1976.

    I am being totally honest, your disingenuousness is obvious. Answer my questions or please just admit you have no case.

    •  stop playing (0+ / 0-)

      Belonging to a racist religion is racist. Not hard. I have given you examples of racist politics by the GOP which Romney was the standard bearer for and has not condemned. Not hard.

      So the Mormons were not formally white supremacist by your accounting since 1976. So long ago! Guess what? Romney did not condemn his faith's white supremacy, he did not take a proper and strong stand like his father, he did not walk away from a formally white supremacist faith. Guess what? That makes him a white racist.

      Belonging to a political party of Birthers, that embraces the Confederacy, authored the Southern Strategy, bringing back Jim and Jane Crow era voter suppression, does not censure or condemn its members and leaders gross racial invective, and being the nominee for a party whose policies disproportionately punish and abuse people of color is racist. Not hard. Again. Why are you in such denial?

      In fact, the Mormons did not fully explain that bs about banning black people from white heaven until four or so weeks ago.

      I continued this dialogue as a public service so that readers will understand some of the talking points and twisted logic of white supremacist trolls--even if they are in denial about their commitments and bonafides. You have provided a great lesson.

      •  Sp (0+ / 0-)

        So Romney did not properly condemn his Religion's and some people in his Party's behavior makes him racist?

        2) Why is it OK to make if the kid?

        3) Why is i OK to use that kid as a political tool?

        Implying I am a "white supremacist trolls"?  You provide a great lesson in how obsessive  political ideology overwhelms basic human decency. Again I hope you find some peace in that dark heart.

        •  yes, there are lots of ways (0+ / 0-)

          to be a white supremacist and to support white supremacy as a social force in this country. your deflecting and excuse making is a demonstration of its wide range and force.

          •  Again (0+ / 0-)

            2) Why is it OK to make if the kid?

            3) Why is i OK to use that kid as a political tool?

            What excuses and deflecting am I using?

            You are awfully good at hurling invectives and making ad hominem attacks. But your juvenile name calling belies your lack of a serious answer.

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