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View Diary: Sanders wants to know if the NSA is spying on him (64 comments)

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    NSA: "Members of Congress have the same privacy protections as all US persons."

    Translation: None.

    Everything we have that counts as privacy is granted at the judgment of the Permanent Government bureaucracy.

    There are no "rights."

    The Fourth Amendment died years ago.

    "9/11 changed everything." It opened the door for a shift of power.

    They have to "protect" us. And gawd knows what "protect" means. We should have gotten a clue when General Petraeus, a competent general and anti-terror expert and basically honest, was trashed for fxcking an adult, legal piece of xss.

    They are power mad and they are anti-sex.

    Interesting formula.

    •  First, let's look at some known facts (1+ / 0-)
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      Each house of Congress has a SCIF, where classified information can be reviewed. They have SIPRnet and JWICS in particular, so secret, top secret and SCI information can be viewed.
      That is really, really ancient news.

      Snowden accessed data that was available via JWICS and SIPRnet. Period. He had no special access that anyone else didn't have to access the files that he did.
      That was a result of the 9-11 intelligence debacle, where information was not shared, so all of the pieces of the puzzle was in a dozen different agencies. So, access was streamlined to share. Then came Manning, now Snowden.

      Meanwhile, Congress retains access to the data as part of their oversight duties. If Congress lost access, the agency restricting Congressional oversight access would lose funding.
      Lose funding in a New York minute.

      So, for Congress to not know and accept the NSA programs that have long been running, one of two things has happened.
      Either a half dozen committees per house of Congress didn't do their job in oversight or they know damned right well what has been going on.
      Want my take on it? They knew, they know, they are fine with what was and is going on and the only ones making noise are giving bread and circuses to the unwashed masses.
      Otherwise, the NSA would've had its funding threatened on day one of the Snowden leaks.

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