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View Diary: Objective proof: Republicans are getting stupider (207 comments)

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  •  The individuals probably haven't changed their (0+ / 0-)

    position at all.  It's probably the same people who were creationists before who are creationists now and the same people who weren't creationists before who aren't now.  I suspect that what's changed is their willingness to self-identify as Republican in the survey.

    I suspect the ones who are just slightly leaning to the Right rather than being full-on totally insane teabaggers are getting embarrassed being associated with the Republican brand.

    They still vote Republican, unfortunately, but they're starting to call themselves more "independent" when asked about their affiliation.  I guess you could call them IINOs - Independants In Name Only.

    So with this survey I suspect the change is because several of the evolution-believing Republicans have stopped calling themselves Republicans, thus skewing the numbers for the remainder who still do call themselves Republicans toward creationism.

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