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  •  perception is the key on Obamacare.. (2+ / 0-)
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    Dragon5616, ImagineOhio

    They are going to use Obamacare as the one and only issue this year.

    The failed rollout has put into voter's minds that ACA is a failure.  Doesn't matter that it has recovered and doesn't matter that millions now are signing up successfully.

    What matters is the anecdotal stories of people losing their doctors, or people paying higher premiums - even though there are probably as many stories on the other side of that coin.

    All those other issues won't matter this year.  It will be Obamacare 24/7.  And when the cancellation notices for employer based plans go out in September the sob stories will start anew.  The stories won't mention that those cancellation notices will go out with offers of newer plans that meet ACA basic requirements, of course.  Except when the premiums are higher - which they will be.

    With Hagen, Pryor, Landrieu and others running away from ACA, it makes ACA even more tempting for the GOP competitors to exploit.

    The perception of a failed ACA implemntation will be the hardest thing to overcome this year.  Dem voters will not be convinced to head to the polls with the current perception of failure.

    Of course.. the GOP could still easily screw things up for themselves..  they have 10 months!

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