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  •  Ouch, now sweetie, that's strong language on (3+ / 0-)

    your 15th comment here, and the twists and turns of it made me quite dizzy !

    you're just trying not to pay attention so you can spout the same "I hate the lesser of two evils approach" nonsense

    Take a deep breath, and by all means, please proceed!  Go right on after those mean old critics of our Dems and TRY to get then to STFU, okay?

    Have been paying enough attention to  sadly conclude that Our Democratic Party is laced with leaders who are much more in tune with traditional Republican values than in any time in history,  from the top on down-- that's just the facts.  Campaign cash from 1%/corporate interests make the job so much more manageable, but  means we have to fight for crumbs for the 99% and we must change that.

    Go have a look at kos diary history and read his post on the Third Way and enlighten yourself to some of the problems we face with this orientation to big money.

    Some of us here have decided to only work for, and fund those of a more progressive persuasion.  YMMV.

    Thursday night I am going to a fundraiser for a progressive Dem Candidate here  in NM.  This will give you an idea of the type of people we are looking to rebuild the Democratic Party:

    Dear Robert,


    What: Rio Grande Chapter PAC fundraiser, with special guest state Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard
    When: 5:30-7 p.m.
    Jan. 9
    Where: Eleanor Eisenmenger's home, 322 Delgado St., Santa Fe
    RSVP: Susan Martin,, 505-670-3279

    The last three years have had a heartbreaking impact on New Mexico's air, water, wildlife and land.

    Since the day I won my 2012 race for the New Mexico House by just 331 votes, Gov. Susana Martinez and the PAC that supports her have targeted my district, sending robocalls and mailers attacking me with an eye on getting a House majority sympathetic to Martinez in 2014.

    The balance of power in the New Mexico Legislature is just two seats from becoming anti-environmental, which is why I'm asking you to join me Jan. 9 to support the Rio Grande Chapter PAC.

    The Rio Grande Chapter focuses its efforts on tight, winnable races where pro-environment candidates can pick up or defend a seat, like my Los Alamos-area district.

    The chapter works hard on the ground and in the media for pro-environment candidates for the Legislature as well as governor, U.S. Senate and House and the Public Regulation Commission, where three commissioners are up for election.

    Contributing to the Rio Grande Chapter PAC is an effective way to support candidates who share your concern for protecting New Mexico, and that’s why I hope you'll join me Jan. 9 for refreshments and conversation and a chance to help elect a better government in 2014.

    Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday,

    New Mexico Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard

    Please RSVP to Susan Martin at, 505-670-3279.

    P.S.: If you can't make it Thursday, you can contribute to the Rio Grande Chapter PAC here.

    Contributions to the Rio Grande Chapter of the Sierra Club PAC are not tax-deductible.

    Former Clinton Administration official Robert Reich, Democrat, had a good post on FB this morning and races a quality question....

    I'm freezing in Chicago. Meanwhile, in Washington, Republicans say they won't extend emergency unemployment benefits unless their cost is offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget. But they won't even consider offsetting the cost by closing tax loopholes for the rich -- such as the "carried interest" loophole that gives hedge-fund and private-equity partners an annual $11 billion tax subsidy, almost twice the cost of extending unemployment benefits. Put this in a larger context and see the pattern: (1) Not only do they oppose extending unemployment benefits, but (2) they oppose any jobs program to put the long-term unemployed to work, (3) they want to cut food stamps, (4) they refuse to raise the minimum wage, and (5) they're determined to kill off unions. Connect the dots and you have a calculated strategy to keep wages as low as possible -- forcing large numbers of Americans to choose between working for peanuts or having nothing at all. Republicans are pushing this strategy because lower wages give their big-business patrons fatter profits (at least in the short term; longer term, they reduce overall demand for goods and services). The strategy is already succeeding: Real median household incomes are now 4.4 percent below what they were at the start of the so-called recovery, and corporate profits are up. Democrats, including Obama, should be calling them out on this strategy. Why aren't they?
    Look forward to see more of you here !


    Move Single Payer Forward? Join 18,000 Doctors of PNHP and 185,000 member National Nurses United

    by divineorder on Wed Jan 08, 2014 at 09:47:24 AM PST

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    •  You lost me at... (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:

      ..."Sweetie." With that rude and disrespectful salutation, you revealed your ignorance and condescension. Why on earth would I read any further? I have virtually NO idea what the rest of your reply says. Shame you blew it on the first impression. Lost a chance to get your message across. Although...if you're going to pat people on the head with belittling names like "Sweetie," my guess is you didn't have much interesting or valuable to say.

      Thanks so much for sparing me what looks like a long, boring, lecturing, patronizing read.

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