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  •  Yes! (0+ / 0-)

    The Republicans who want to kill Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SNAP, and Obamacare in order to "save" money but also want to increase tax cuts for the wealthy and increase military spending KNOW that the debt isn't dangerous. These people are manipulative, distrustful, liars. Their motives are more difficult to discern. To the extent that they are wealthy, they are frightened to death by inflation. As long as all the new money entering the economy goes to the wealthy, who will not spend it into the economy, then demand pull inflation won't happen. The rich don't shop where the 99% shop.

    •  I don't think they are really that frightened of (0+ / 0-)

      inflation.  During the last period of hyperinflation, in the late seventies and early eighties, interest rates on Money Market Accounts reached 16% and higher.  Not as a good a return as this past year on the Stock Market, but pretty damn good for minimal risk.  But that time period did teach them the usefulness of Fear.  Not in them, but instilling it, along with its twin Hatred, in the working classes to help create or exploit divisions amongst them was extremely valuable to their agenda.

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