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View Diary: White guys are an endangered species, and everyone else votes wrong (151 comments)

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  •  I can tell you one thing about VA (2+ / 0-)
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    fladem, Brian82

    The party operatives do not talk to each other from precinct to precinct.  There is NO regional coordination.  

    In 2012, I worked on a Congressional campaign in a heavily populated (and demographically changing) district.  There was a TON of Obama lit.  Very little on the Congressional level, mostly because the precinct captains did not coordinate which precinct belonged to which candidate.

    So all of the OFA help that poured into the got Obama elected but there were no coattails whatsoever--unless the candidate was strong to begin with.

    This same candidate should be ramping up his campaign.  Crickets.  Nothing.  No candidate is stepping up to take on the incumbent.  Ridiculous.

    •  In Florida (0+ / 0-)

      OFA didn't really coordinate with other candidates. It is wrong to say they were no coatails, though, since OFA turned out voters who would vote Democratic in other races as well.

      But the 2012 effort had fewer volunteers than in 2008 in Fl - and certainly the efforts didn't help in 2010.

      I am not sure to what extent a ground organization can fix this problem - though I would sure like to try.

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