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  •  Talking to a sister (correction: talking to (3+ / 0-)
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    a half sister. This is one of those times reminding self of differing DNA streams helps) global warming came up.

    I know her thoughts on it. She sent me some multi-linked rant years ago about it being a Gore scam to get rich.  Did she remember who I was? Well she thought I might want to educate myself...
    dear lord.
    To relate at all it is best to avoid all such topics and be relate in a surface pleasant way when we do talk.

    But as we were talking about the cold and snow she did one of those sarcastic laughs and said "Global warming, huh"

    So I responded with a yes... and explaining the effects of temp on changes in jet stream.
    She interrupted to say she didn't believe in that scam, there are just fluctuations
    and I interrupted to say I know how she feels but since she started this with a joke about global warming I thought I'd throw in some truth.
    She was insulted, I didn't care.
    We changed topic and soon said our goodbyes.
    But it triggered an anger in me. Not really at her, she doesn't get to vote in congress, but that the stupid get to rule on this

    Still I wanted to take it out on her in silly ways. I didn't but every few minutes I wanted to send a new email saying "I don't believe in peanuts" then"I don't believe in fomites"... just spam her with them. Productive, right?

    She is college educated. And stupid.
    rude? Yes. There are things she is not stupid about but she does the right wing crazy on too many things.
    I am sick of stupid hurting the rest of us.

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