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  •  Another frustrating thing (1+ / 0-)
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    is that the global warming deniers here in the northeast all ignored the fact that the temperature here yesterday was 60 degrees F... on January 6th.  24 hours later it was 4 degrees F.  It is currently 10 where I am now.  The forecast high temperature for Saturday here is 57.  The average high temperature here for January 11th is 41.

    These temperatures will be ignored.  While the temperature in any particular place in the world on any given day is of course of no value as evidence one way or the other, only unseasonably cold weather is ever acknowledged by deniers.

    •  Deniers of GW, Darwin, Wall Street corruption, (0+ / 0-)

      Obama being born in Hawaii, Vietnam killing 2,600,000, Iraq killing 1,400,000, anything to do with Big Bang, modern physics, and 2+2=4.

      It has to do with "Straight Line" manipulation techniques. Started with Wall Street scams. Spread to politics. People have been hammered into submission.

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