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View Diary: Will Mitt Romney's Black Grandchild Inspire Him to Fight the Republican Party's Racism? (42 comments)

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  •  Can you prove monkeys did not (0+ / 0-)

    just fly out of my butt? You can't disprove a negative. Idiot. You make the sick claim you back it up with proof.

    •  It is a plausible speculation. (1+ / 0-)
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      One doesn't have to prove anything either way to express opinion and speculation. Your objection is to people having the temerity to express opinions that you don't like. That must make life very stressful for you.

      •  And what does that have to do with Romney's (0+ / 0-)

        grandchild? Here's some more of your logic:

        I know a Methodist who robbed a bank. All methodists are probably bank robbers.

        Or better yet I know a (insert physical characteristic, epistemology, philosophy, skin tone, ethnicity, religion, favorite sports team, university alma mater) who did something awful. So of course they all do.

        again wheres your proof that there is even the plausibility of the motive? Unless you have that you are simply libeling someone for a vile political point. And I do not care if it is Romney, or Obama or anyone that is uncivil.

        •  It is a reason not to assume (1+ / 0-)
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          that everybody who makes an inter-racial adoption is necessarily doing it from sound motivation. It makes it reasonable to question motivations. People asking questions about motivations does not constitute liable.

          I will leave you to the enjoyment of your outrage.

          •  Why? Give me a single reason (2+ / 0-)
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            gramofsam1, VClib

            (and not some twisted  politcal point ) that could possibly lead one to think Romney's son and daughter in law adopted an african american child for racially demagogic and politcal purposes regarding their patriarch's politcal standing. I''ll save you time, there isn't any.

            Your logic: It is reasonable to question interracial adoptions? Really? Since when?Why? What is wrong with them? Are concerned about mine?  All of them? No, just this one for you. Because it is political for you. Using the kid and the family to try and make politcal hay to fit your political/religious/racial/social  stereotypes. The cognitive dissonance must be painful.

            In the political realm actions should be examined and questioned according to logic. But this is a private matter and your treatment of the matter totally absent of logic.  

            i have no outrage but pity for someone who cannot just accept a loving family's gift to a child without searching for politcal battles to fight and even worse, using the innocent child as the punchline to a joke. That's a very dark place.

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