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    The polls show that people are likelier to believe in global warming on warm days and less likely to believe on cold days. My question is, doesn't that mean that they are actually so stupid that their belief swings back and forth with the temperature? In that case, there's no connection between "cold trolling" and this weird oscillation in belief. The claim that cold weather proves no global warming isn't convincing, it's the cold weather that's convincing. Once the weather turns hot again, that conviction evaporates. We don't have to fight the cold trolling with anything, because it doesn't have any lasting effect.

    I would be interested in a different kind of poll, one that tried to figure out how effective messages affirming or denying global warming were on hot and cold days. It would be much harder to get some reliable data on that question, but that's the question that really matters. If people really are more receptive to pro messages they hear on hot days, then why not work with the grain of human psychology, and make true claims about global warming on the hottest days of the year?

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