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View Diary: The War on Poverty turns 50. Needed: War on Plutocracy (76 comments)

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  •  Johnson was an interesting president. He was (11+ / 0-)

    deeply flawed, and his rationale for continuing the Vietnam War cost him dearly, but I never thought of him as a president who lacked "suffient clout." He could arm-twist better than any politician I can remember...

    I think the wheels began to fall off the war on poverty during Jimmy Carter's administration...his conflicts with Thomas "Tip" O'Neill caused many of the Democratic ideals to go south.

    And then Reagan happened...(I could have just as easily said shit happened).

    I agree that plutocracy is pure evil and it is being ignored by most Democrats, including most of the people on this site. I agree with Noam Chomsky:

    "It used to be said years ago that the United States is a one-party state -- the business party -- with two factions, Democrats and Republicans," Chomsky said. "That's no longer true. It's still a one-party state -- the business party -- but now it has only one faction. And it's not Democrats, it's moderate Republicans. The so-called New Democrats, who are the dominant force in the Democratic Party, are pretty much what used to be moderate Republicans a couple of decades ago. And the rest of the Republican Party has just drifted off the spectrum."

    I don't think Democratic Party ideals will survive the 2016 election...especially if Hillary wins the nomination...she and Bill have been major supporters of the plutocracy
    •  "And then Reagan happened.." not quite in a vacuum (1+ / 0-)
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      During Carter's presidency and then Reagan's assault on unions and regressive policies millions of Americans lost their jobs due to layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, and continuous surges in productivity, not to mention the half a million young Americans dead or dying from AIDS.

      Sudden, unplanned unemployment severely impacted the middle class across the nation facilitating a retrenchment of support for taxes.

    •  Correct assesment by Noam (2+ / 0-)
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      ontheleftcoast, praenomen

      He saw what was happening during the Vietnam war I think that's when Johnson lost his vision. He put the (up until then) the untouchable Social Security nest egg into the General Budget. Correct me if I'm wrong, as to when & how this happened. But before that IF the Social Security monies were barrowed they would have to be paid back into the nest egg. So here we are today ALL of the Social Security has been in the General Budget with NOTHING paid forward. And yeah Chomsky is calling out the Blue Dog non progressive part of the Democratic Party.  

      Catholic by birth, Wiccan by choice. Namaste WF

      by Wildfaery on Wed Jan 08, 2014 at 04:15:16 PM PST

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