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View Diary: The War on Poverty turns 50. Needed: War on Plutocracy (76 comments)

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    Before we can have a war, we need politicians willing to fight the war along side us. Where is the outrage from our President and Democrat and Progressive Senators and Representatives? Where is the outrage from our State and Local Representatives? We can complain all we want but without the help of our representatives Plutocracy will grow into a monster. We need to voice our displeasure with our representatives ensuring them they will lose our votes unless they stand up for the working class.
    Our representatives need to say loud and clear for America to hear how Republicans are screwing over the working  class to fill the pockets of Plutocrats. At present, I'm only hearing whimpers from out representatives. The Pope has more courage to speak out than all our representatives have collectively to speak up for the working class.

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