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View Diary: War On Women: When Women's Voices Are Silenced... (28 comments)

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  •  Years ago in a meeting a man told me "I would (9+ / 0-)

    like to see  you raped by my whole crew."  I just rolled my eyes (though I was angry), and said something like "Can we get back to the subject at hand?"  Years later I took a self-defense class where you got to fight a guy in a protective suit.  After I attacked the first guy, I scanned for more attackers.  The guys running the class said "Once you successfully attack one guy, the rest would rather make fun of their friend than risk also losing to you."  So when asshole threatened me with rape and did not get a reaction, he lost face.

    The vitriol at HP when Carly Fiorina became CEO was quite horrible (and largely badly spelled...)

    ...Son, those Elephants always look out for themselves. If you happen to get a crumb or two from their policies, it's a complete coincidence. -Malharden's Dad

    by slowbutsure on Sat Jan 18, 2014 at 02:08:59 PM PST

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