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  •  activists need to meet and communicate (18+ / 0-)

    when I was at Berkeley from 1965 to 1967, we suspected FBI agents were all around.

    A book a couple of years ago documented how J. Edgar Hoover ran a spying and infiltration effort against activists including the arrests in Sproul which sparked the Free Speech movement. A couple of weeks ago the brave people who uncovered Hoover's efforts and those of the CIA led to the Church Committee and the legislative branch asserted its power to reign in domestic law breaking by the government.  

    The kind of actions that will happen this year like the

    Aaron’s Walk: The New Hampshire Rebellion  - will the leader of this, a Harvard Professor be spied on. Given the history of spying on that bad guy, Martin Luther King, and the fact that OWS was a terrorist organization before the first NYC start up, yes we can expect that it will be watched. Especially since it is protesting the state's monopoly on information.

    Edward Snowden's documents have shown that the government knows almost everything about everyone already.

    This has had a major effect on journalists attempting to tell the citizens about what the government is doing because their sources can be discovered.

    Glenn Greenwald says that he spends half of his time on journalism and the other half on national security because journalism has become support for power rather than holding power accountable

    The Freedom of Press Foundation is ..

    Protecting the digital communications of journalists is now one of the biggest press freedom challenges in the 21st Century. A record number of whistleblowers have recently been prosecuted in large part because the government thinks it can now obtain email and phone records detailing sources talking to journalists, without ever attempting to force the journalist to testify in court.

    To that end, we're providing you with an easy way to donate to support open-source encryption tools that can better protect the communications of journalists and sources

    Just out is an announcement in the NY Times that Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg have joined the board of directors. The article is written by Charlie Savage who many of us learned about when he published the articles about Bush's use of signing statements used by the executive branch to bypass the legislative branch

    Snowden to Join Board of Press Freedom Foundation

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