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View Diary: Koch's CATO says 'Corporate Welfare Costs Taxpayers $25B every 3mnths' -- UI Costs $6B for 3mnths (15 comments)

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    Look at from the perspective of monetary flow, what is being called corporate welfare is money that doesn't flow into the Treasury as revenue, while unemployment compensation is money that flows out into the general economy via direct payments to individuals.


    No i don't think that's right. I think you are conflating tax breaks with corporate welfare. Looking at the list Johhny W. posted, they sound like money going out of the treasury.

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      the flow, in or out, is controlled by Congress or some of their henchmen/middlemen.

      In refusing to collect revenues equitably from individuals and artificial persons, Congress is extending a privileged status to the latter AND creating the illusion that the distribution of currency is out of their hands.
      Contracts and grants from Congress to private corporations involve layers of middlemen, whose contribution in terms of real goods and services may or may not be nil.

      For example, I'd be willing to grant that private insurance companies keeping patient records and processing payments for medical services are adding as much value as the bureaucrats in the Medicare offices, albeit with higher overhead and bigger salaries for the CEOs. However, now that the overhead rate has been capped for insurers that participate in PPACA, the excess may not be that great anymore. Which is probably why some people are predicting that medicare for all is on the horizon. If there's little profit, the profit-driven industry won't want to participate. Also, there's the problem that, if profits are capped, there will be fewer dollars to funnel from insurance to finance and stock speculation.

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      by hannah on Thu Jan 09, 2014 at 07:52:21 AM PST

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