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  •  It's not even that cut and dried (11+ / 0-)

    The automobile, unfortunately, came along about 100 years before "Fifty Shades of Grey."  

    On the other hand, horse and buggy manufacturers had the best period ever.  Originally, car makers didn't have any bodies to put the engine in.  So they hired coach makers.  As car companies accounted for more and more of their business, they began to increaingly redesign their "coaches" to be suitable automobile bodies.

    Until the 1980s, every GM car had, on the door sill, a picture of a little buggy and the notation "Body By Fisher."  The Fisher Body Works was a Detroit buggy maker who got the GM contract.  By the by, they were acquired by GM, but were still called the Fisher Body Works until the advent of unibody vehicle architecture.

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