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  •  An 'economy' (6+ / 0-)

    that serves what purpose? How will this work? It seems to me that any society's 'economy' has to work in meat space and needs to provide humans with work and a way to make a living. If this is the way forward  the giant vampire squid on humanities face envisions and implements they have entered the twilight zone. Humans are social animals and a world where robots, gadgets and apps replace human workers just won't work. The economy is already unhinged from ordinary people so just who in the hell do they think will be able to buy both these machines and the groceries or big box wares?

    Shades of Blade Runner where  large swaths of society must develop a way to exist outside the brave new world these high tech 'entrepreneurs' and suave businessmen envision. I was reading an article about refrigerators who talk and tell you what you need to buy you will be able to use your app at the store if you forget to talk beforehand to your fridge. lol. On top of the destruction to jobs and a functional economy who wants to live in a world where being a human and living is replaced by machines.

    Perhaps the outcome over time would be that people's brains would cease to be able to grasp the concept of opening the refrigerator and figuring out that the cupboard is bare and they need to forage for food. On a level other then economic we all need the human touch. Bill Gates may think this is progress or the future but he's a well known madman who's brave new world has no place for human interaction, our common good or the human touch.

    I know, I've just gotta get out of this place
    I can't stand any more of that mechanical grace
    Though you say, it's only industrial squeeze
    It looks like luxury and feels like a disease

    Oh, give it to me, give it to me
    I don't want to know much about much
    Give it to me, give it to me
    I need, I need, I need the human touch

    Elvis Costello - The Human Touch


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