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View Diary: the new outsourcing; why the jobs are NEVER coming back. (316 comments)

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  •  I've had the same thought (5+ / 0-)

    Like others have pointed out, I know that technology has replaced workers in the past and new jobs has sprung up in their place. However, this isn't guaranteed to go on forever. I believe that we're now entering into a time where there will be less and less work for people to do.  I don't believe that machines will completely replace the need for human workers.  There will always be a need for some people to do work.  However, I think, over time, we'll see less and less work available to the less skilled workers.  Everyone but high-skilled knowledge workers will be slowly transitioned to part-time/temporary work.  

    To accommodate this shift we have several options.  Some have suggested a shift back toward an artisanal / hand-made economy.  Others have suggested (as you did) the introduction of a Guaranteed Income (or Negative Tax, it has several names).  Others have suggested that the government create jobs for people with a "Job Guarantee"--sweeping streets, forestry, construction, etc. to fill the gap.

    I think that, regardless of the strategy we pursue, we at least need to decouple benefits like healthcare, retirement, etc from employment.  We need to declare that things like healthcare, food, shelter, retirement, education are basic human rights (maybe even amend the constitution?) and ensure they are provided to everyone regardless of their employment situation.

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