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View Diary: Chris Christie's flimsy explanation for why we should believe him (164 comments)

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  •  What was actual bridgegate motive? (4+ / 0-)
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    Everyone could agree that the punishment of bridge clusterf*cking sounds too petty for the attributed political slight. Mayor Sokolich can't imagine he is that important, there is no specific Aug. 12th "Nope not gonna endorse" communication yet surfacing, and Christie himself is mystified about such a response a for someone he claims he hardly knows or cares about the opinion of. Even if you are a dickish administration, it seems an awfully significant response to a trifle.

    So I just wonder what is actually on the other side of the quid pro quo of this very punishing bridge action? Was there some deal, or threat? Another political enemy or double-crosser entirely, not Ft. Lee? What would make more sense than a rebuffed mayoral endorsement request? Feels like there may be more dirt there, just speculating.

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