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  •  I was very surprised to see only 48% (3+ / 0-)

    of people getting insurance on the exchanges qualify for subsidies...I thought for sure it would be in the range of 80% or more. I guess there are a lot more successful self-employed professionals than I thought--or most workers who don't have insurance through their employers are really, really poor--too poor to qualify for the exchanges, which means they are SOL unless they're in a state with expanded Medicaid (and I think a whole lot, like maybe even more than half, of them aren't).

    Or maybe it means that people who already purchase their own insurance (i.e., those who would buy individual insurance regardless of the mandate/subsidies)? In which case it's not so bad, but not the figure I'd choose to argue in favor of the ACA--best to bring in those who have never purchased their own insurance because they were turned down or couldn't afford it, even if we have to project because they aren't all enrolled yet.

    Still, the "affordability" part of the ACA does need serious work--because a lot of exchange policies come down to 11% (I thought it was 9%?) of your income in premiums and then another 10-20% in deductible before any claim is paid (depending on your income--deductibles can go up to $6,350, the out of pocket cap).

    It's better than before, but it seriously needs improvement, which Republicans are working hard to prevent. That's the tricky pitch we need to make: Vote for a Democrat because Republicans won't let us fix Obamacare. (And they won't let us raise the minimum wage or extend unemployment either).

    "All governments lie, but disaster lies in wait for countries whose officials smoke the same hashish they give out." --I.F. Stone

    by Alice in Florida on Thu Jan 09, 2014 at 11:35:04 AM PST

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