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View Diary: Great Lakes Crude Oil/Tar Sands Marine Shipping Dock Gets Temporary Setback (11 comments)

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  •  Framing; for who are you framing? (1+ / 0-)
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    I am not sure who you have in mind for a target audience. The permit application just reviewed was for a dock wall repair. The DNR was not looking at a request for shipping dilbit on this request. If the DNR was your audience, then I am not sure that this frame is a winner going forward. I am also skeptical that it is a winner in local politics. Enbridge (the pipeline) is a big dog, locally, and Calument (the refinery) is perhaps the biggest dollar local payroll. Elkhorn, is a secondary name for a local trucking company operator, who is also then a big fish in this small pond. Enbridge, which usually just gets its way, is being fought by some local organic farm operators,(Carlton County, MN, a few miles west), and Enbridge apparently is changing some of its plans because of the opposition. But their opposition was not one dimensional, and they dug into the weeds enough to identify and address the rules of decision. It seems like there is a lot more than these two frames if this shipping terminal is a serious proposal and there is real desire to stop it.

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