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  •  I'm sorry for your loss, smileycreek. (11+ / 0-)

    A good hairdresser is a treasure. My mom favored male shop-owners with big egos. She wanted her hair short, and her reasoning was that they knew how to cut hair properly; after that, all they could do to her was comb it in some crazy way, and she could go home and fix that. But she would drag me in there periodically and they would cut my longer hair in ways that could not be shrugged off.

    When I arrived at my current hairdresser for the first time, I had the remains of a shag cut that my mother's guy had decided I should have, a thing which was surely my worst hair ever. (I got married in that hair, and that was appropriate in that the hair and the marriage were equally satisfactory.)

    Pat listened carefully to my long rant, and then said, "So, you don't really want all the layers that are in here?" She fixed it, and she has continued to ask me what I want, offer her advice, and then do whatever I decide on, and do it well for almost 30 years. Once she broke her foot and she was out on disability. I desperately needed a haircut by a specific date. She wasn't going to be back to work by then, so she came to my house and cut my hair in my kitchen, and she wouldn't take any money, either. She's a little older than I am, and I cannot imagine what I'll do when she decides to retire.

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