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  •  Conservatives wave their flags, (7+ / 0-)

    They brag about the apple pie, and applaud their mothers, shoot their guns in the air on the fourth of July, but when it comes to service to their country. . .


    Rarely, do you find any Republican Politician who sacrificed his valuable time for the service to his country.  Time is far to valuable in the pursuit of private greed.


    Conservatives always want to find wars for other people, and the children of other people to fight.  Conservatives want to stay home and profit from their investments in the military industrial complex.


    Conservatives don't want to get involved in the War on Drugs or the War on Poverty.  They want to end the War on Poverty and transfer the funds to the farmers not to grow crops and the bankers not to make loans.  They don't want to engage in the War on Drugs, except as the owners and investors of the Corporate prisons.

    When the Conservatives have discovered a way to make as much money selling drugs as they have in the corporate prison industry, then you will see a turn around in the Conservative position.

    Chickenhawks~!  What a remarkably descriptive term.

    My wife, daughter and granddaughters should have more privacy in their doctor's office than I have buying another rifle or shotgun.

    by NM Ray on Fri Jan 10, 2014 at 10:50:49 AM PST

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    •  They're too busy running boiler room scams (4+ / 0-)

      that steal money and votes from working Americans.

      "Straight Line" persuasion system -- facts be damned, lies be damned. Anything to force their way.

      They're crooks.

      The key to it is a video of Tom DeLay preaching to a megachurch in Tennessee. It's crazy stuff. And what he's doing is hammering the Libruls, the people who lack values.

      They sell three main assets:

      -- Anti-abortion
      -- Ronald Reagan
      -- Race hatreds

      And there are several dozen hoaxes in play at any one time. One surprise is the frequency of the references to Ronald Reagan -- you'd think he was George Washington and that he had installed a force field that protected Americans from every threat.

      What they're selling is not a logical, rational portrayal of reality. Far from it. They do Ad Biz fantasy over and over.

    •   the so-called war on drugs very profitable (1+ / 0-)
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      and an absolute failure and a huge waste, of lives and treasure. It's also primarily a war on the underclass, most of the ensnared black even though whites use drugs as much if not more

      Not only do the private prisons depend on it for a continuing flood of prisoners (many/most non-violent offenders), there are the banks laundering the money; the police depts getting public funds and military equipment (supposedly to fight terrorism), assets from civil forfeiture, and the financial rewards of just plain corruption; politicians; on and on. Then there's all the cocaine that helped fund our buddies the contras in the 80's.

      A more treatment-based model for addicts and legalization/ regulation wouldn't be nearly as profitable.

      But you are correct that the private prisons probably exert the most lobbying power against ending it.

      I am a recovering alcoholic, in other words an addict, sober for over 20 years, and cannot use any of these drugs, but would like to see an end to the  so-called war on drugs to end the waste and the corrosive effects on both public institutions like police and more generally, our society.

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