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View Diary: War on poverty, income inequality and wealth disparity not a winning message (185 comments)

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    The inequality is a consequence of the evisceration of the middle class.
    The 1% have been extracting the wealth of the country.
    They've been "redistributing".
    The effects are seen most clearly among the poor.

    Wall Street, etc. (incl. private equity) has become, due to deregulation and corruption of government, a massive tumor on the American economy.
    What was supposed to be a critical organ of the system, pumping capital to where it is needed, has become a parasitic organ.

    When you have a declining middle class, you have a growing poor class.

    At a certain point, the middle class is weakened , by consumer debt, to the point that demand declines.
    This starts a process of atrophy in the whole economic system.
    We need to "care about the poor" not just because they're human, one of us, and we might be in their shoes someday, etc.
    We need to care because their plight is a symptom of the ill health of our whole economic system.

    At the same time that unfettered greed is bringing down the system, we have the 1% funding an assault on the institutions of government that can repair the system.

    This is putting greater and greater strain on the social safety net.
    What we need is a restoral of the middle class. We need a new open field of economic growth similar to the advent of the interstate highway system in the 50's.

    Unless there's room in the middle class, there's no empty rungs for the poor to climb up out of poverty on.

    The American public have been educated in economics by the most recent Great Recession, although there's been the right wing noise and diversion.
    The message I've outlined is simple enough for everyone to understand and appreciate.
    The problem is about getting it to be the dominant narrative.
    Before OWS, the only narrative was "austerity". OWS got income inequality into the public mind. Tentatively. Now they're trying to drive it out. drown it out.

    It's just a matter of out-harassing the media until they give in and let the right narrative go forth.

    You can't make this stuff up.

    by David54 on Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 04:53:26 AM PST

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      are NOT the problem.  The real problem lies with the 6% who are the educated elite liberal class.  They STILL insist they are middle class.

    •  Out-harassing the media is not enough (1+ / 0-)
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      Harassing the media to let the right narrative go forth is very difficult if their jobs depend on presenting the narrative of their owners, the one percent, to fracture a well-known aphorism. We need to do an end run around the MSM, such as is done on internet blogs like this one and community organizing, and yes, to keep harrassing the MSM, to counteract the narrative heard by most of the people most of the time (sorry - can't help myself).

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