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View Diary: Rep. Jack Kingston still defending his child labor proposals (86 comments)

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    Many of the poor kids will grow up to be security guards as America heads to third world status. some will guard the rich parent's kids on their way to school like in Mexico city.

    Capitalism has two main goals at its very core that Americans have yet to figure out. create a society of haves and have nots, mostly have nots to service the 1%ers and  on going wars for corp profits and CEO bonuses.

    Look at the evidence, capitalism in America is right on target. any data chart will show this inequality in income. but beliefs overwhelm data 99.999 % of the time.

    Capitalism in its truest left alone form will even sell to the general public assault guns capable of mass murder that puts every   American child, indeed entire school classes in danger, due to a mentality of profits over children.

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