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View Diary: Rep. Jack Kingston still defending his child labor proposals (86 comments)

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    The public toilets around here are far worse though. You'd want your hep vaccinations just to look at them the way some people treat them. I'd sooner find a bush than brave the public toilets, at least at my school I know the cleaners serviced them at least once daily, usually more often. While I know the public toilets get once a week if they're lucky (council don't allocate enough time to the current team, or manpower to service all the toilets fully plus are on roadside pickup a fulltime job in itself given it includes roadkill).

    Still I stand by what I said, while turds should be flushed, no point kids ruining their futures over one that won't fit in the bowl let alone past the S-bend.

    And yeah I've no idea how people like this get elected either, even with all the shonky crap that goes on in districts that have conservative controls to block dem voters, somebody still voted for this one.

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      The gerrymandering of congressional districts by Republican-led state legislatures is already giving us enough ginormous turds that won't fit in the toilet bowl, much less make it through the S-bend. In fact, the proverbial crapper is overflowing with their bullshit. It's time to call in the plumbers -- THE DEMOCRATS -- to snake the drains and flush these teabagging turds down the drain.

      As an additional thought... I've been trying to understand this whole "kids doing janitorial work in exchange for free lunches" proposal that Rep. Jack Kingston and his like-minded conservative cronies are mulling over in their pointy little heads. Certainly, there would be a plethora of liability issues to be considered before such an idiotic policy could be put into effect. I mean, as you mentioned, what if a kid were scrubbing toilets just to get some free grub from the school cafeteria, and he contracted some God-awful disease like Hepatitis C? Or what if he cut off his finger(s) while refilling the paper towel dispensers? I smell a lawsuit... (Or maybe it's just the turds.) As usual, the Tea Party Republicans shoot off their mouths without entirely thinking things through, and then end up going off half-cocked. Kind of like Iraq. (haha)

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