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View Diary: D'var Torah: Deborah, Jael, Miriam, and the problem with "Girl Power" (116 comments)

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  •  I wanted to mention that the Torah... (4+ / 0-)

    ...itself never gives God a gender. That's a work of translations, and of the New Testament where Ancient Greek and Arabic had gendered pronouns, unlike Hebrew. God is often referred to as motherly.

    I've also heard many genders make their Gods male because men do not give birth. It's a sort of, "Well, you can make babies, but a man made everything!"

    I definitely agree with you, many parts are problematic.

    •  Umm, sorry but (7+ / 0-)

      Hebrew has no ungendered nouns or ungendered pronouns.  Throughout the Hebrew scriptures God is definitely a He.  That said, scripture has imagery of God in a maternal role, but those images are few and far between.  Perhaps you are also thinking of the Rabbinic phrase av harachamim, which can translate to "compassionate father" or "source of compassion", where rachamim (compassion) has the same root as rechem (womb).

      This from someone who teaches college level Biblical Hebrew.

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