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  •  I'm Christian and I don't think there was a virgin (0+ / 0-)

    birth; however, there probably are reasons that the some of the authors of the Jesus life narratives included it. Scholars seems to have several  ideas about the reasons it might have been developed and included; you can find them in the writings of contemporary New Testament scholars.

    The reason for the genealogies is probably more obvious, and if one is thinking of the gospels as accounts written by different people at different times and in different places,  the lack of agreement is not a surprise.

    And, of course, Mark's version, believed to be the oldest of the canonical gospels, starts with Jesus being baptized by John. And Paul, as I recall, does not deal with this kind of stuff at all. Neither the birth nor the genealogy of Jesus is relevant to his teachings.

    The recording of the oral tractions about Jesus was not done until  well after his death, and various stuff had been added on for various reasons by human beings.

    Applying scholarship to the Bible does not bring faith; but in my opinion, it need not destroy it either. It brings some clarity to some of the puzzling bit in the Bibles, others will probably always remain so.  

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