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    Christie mentioned in his press conference he was a high school athlete and class president, so ubernerd David Wildstein was not his friend. Wildstein is an amazingly pugnacious Garden Stater. I read a profile of him in the Record. He started politicking at the state level at age 12, sued to get on the ballot for a local party position at age 16, and had no activities next to his picture in his high school yearbook.

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      This guy at the New Repoublic actually called up Christie's high school coach and got this report: Wildstein was not an athlete, but was on Christie's team in a sense:

      David Wildstein was our baseball statistician. He was a very quiet, unassuming, brilliant kid. He’d do the baseball stats like you wouldn’t believe... He’s doing it all with a calculator, none of the fancy technology... He knew the game but he wasn’t at all a player. I mean, not at all.
      I knew somebody just like that! Truth be told, baseball is a lot less boring if you try to score the game while it's going on. But then it becomes exhausting.

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