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View Diary: Updated: Man in WV worried about drinkable water for his cats (182 comments)

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  •  I would rec this 1000 times if I could! (16+ / 0-)

    And I commend you for finding the approach that finally got this story the attention it deserves here. As you know, several of us have tried to put the story forward as it was developing, only to be received with a giant collective "meh" plus I got a few lectures about how I shouldn't have delved into "meta."

    Amazing that my little trespass into meta grabbed more of some people's attention than the plight of 300,000 people who lost access to clean drinking water.

    And I commend you for the work and your comrades are doing. It is hard, discouraging work that is so vitally necessary. Aldo Leopold once said, "the ecologist lives alone in a world of wounds." Only those who care and are trained to see can truly understand, and weep for, what we have lost from our ignorance and arrogance in dealing with the natural world.

    You pointed out that the river is basically in a healthy condition, or was before the spill. Last night I looked the Google map that was linked in a comment to my diary, and even as I noticed the proximity of the tanks to the river, I was impressed by the thick and healthy tree lines on both sides of the river. Knowing it was an industrial area, I had expected to see a concrete ditch. Instead, it's obvious that the local authorities have worked to maintain the riparian ecosystem, as best they can. So it's even more tragic to think about the damage the river and its wildlife will suffer.

    We haven't heard much about effects on wildlife from the spill, and one commenter yesterday pointed out that the half-life of this chemical in the ground is fairly brief, a matter of weeks, as opposed to other substances which can last for decades. So hopefully fish kills and other ecosystem effects - which are still unacceptable - will be short-lived and the ecosystem can then recover. Time will  tell, I suppose.

    But the human and economic impacts, of all those business shut down, flights cancelled, people losing wages and being made sick - that's going to be devastating, especially to an area that's already stressed.

    Not much we can do from here but send good wishes for the passing of the crisis and the long-term recovery. And get this story out. It's a vital story that needs to be told and remembered. Never forget!

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    by jan4insight on Sun Jan 12, 2014 at 08:30:14 AM PST

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