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View Diary: Abbreviated pundit round-up: Christie's base, starting wars, Rubio not the 'Republican Obama' (78 comments)

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    It's not obvious because all of our broadcast media come from New York and Philadelphia.  On top of that, he intimidated and/or bribed a lot of Democrats.  The media conveniently forgot that Christie had to struggle to win his primary in 2009, against a weak right wing challenger.

    It doesn't help that Buono didn't take a page out of McGreevey's playbook.  McGreevey challenged Christy Whitman in 2007, and it was assumed by the MSM that it would be a slaughter.  McGreevey lost but ran way, way ahead of expectations because he ran a very focused campaign.  Whitman's political career was ended.  This despite Whitman's generally much more moderate views relative to Christie.  Buono didn't do this: there were three issues to home in on (minimum wage, marriage equality, and property taxes) -- come up with a one sentence pithy position on each one and just keep repeating over and over again.

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