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View Diary: IAN: Manhattan's (Possibly) Haunted Mansion, Thursday, January 16, 2014 (62 comments)

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  •  what I can't figure is the guy wanting a plate (9+ / 0-)

    had his DL so he was not undocumented, if the license were valid. Since the guy was Hispanic, I wonder if the clerk assumed he had to be illegal.  Also, if he were not a citizen (which is a presumption all of itself; we have many Hispanics here who are citizens or permanent residents, as is with many other ethnic groups), wouldn't the clerk need to see his "Green Card" or paperwork attesting to his permanent resident status?  The only reason a foreign national would have a passport would be if he were a tourist; if he were a tourist, why would he be trying to register a car in SC and how would he have a SC DL?

    This encounter led me to believe the clerk was making up regulations as he went along.  Why would a person with a valid state DL, the title to the vehicle and proof of insurance need to also show a passport as well and why a passport instead of some other documentation of residency or citizenship?  I note that almost 75% of US citizens don't even have a passport since foreign travel is not something most of our citizens do

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