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View Diary: Emails: After Jersey City mayor declined to endorse Christie, meetings suddenly canceled (63 comments)

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  •  And I think his motivation all along of so badly (8+ / 0-)

    wanting the endorsements from these Democrat mayors was for positioning for his 2016 presidential run.  I think he badly wanted to be able to say that he can get things done because even Democrats like him enough to endorse him.  And that is NOT the same as the GOP-dreaded term "compromise".  Christie really doesn't compromise with anyone.  So as long as he's not compromising with Democrats, but can say he nonetheless received their endorsement, now he's got a strong story for claiming to be able to get things done in a way that no other candidate, Republican or Democrat, can.  And this is all for Independents.  Real Democrats and liberals see right through the Christie bullshit "moderate" claim.  He's no moderate.  So Dems aren't going to vote for him anyway.  And the conservative Republican voting block will eventually get on board.  Their hatred for Obama/Hillary/Dems far exceed any harbored hatred they may convince themselves they have for Christie for not being sufficiently conservative.  When push comes to shove, they'll vote for him.  That just leaves Independents. And to be able to tell them a story of finally a candidate who can transend parties, particularly in this nasty partisan climate of gridlock, is political gold in Christie's eyes.

    •  Yes (1+ / 0-)
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      I think that showing the recalcitrant Democratic mayors what havoc he could wreak on them was meant to soften them up for the Presidential election.

    •  I have a few cents to chime in... (0+ / 0-)

      It's Democratic mayors not "Democrat mayors". The latter is characteristic of RepublicanTeabonics... a taboo language on Dkos.

      Also I would add that Democrats did vote for Christie. There is no way that he would win in NJ with over 60% of the vote if some Democrats didn't buy the media hype and vote for him. It's not that they like Christie's policies, I think many people bought the image that was created in the media that he is a "get things done" kind a guy who is real and willing to do what he has to do across party lines to accomplish things. His bullish attitude was turned into an asset as he was portrayed as the atypical politician, who is not refined but can produce results. The Sandy event played right into that as he went out of his way to cozy up to Obama to cement the image that he is willing to work across party lines and get things done.

      In reality Christie is the ultimate narcissist. Everything he has ever done is all about promoting himself to some higher political goal in the long run. I think he sort of believe it is his destiny to become President one day and that is why he was pushing this false bipartisan "get things done" image so hard. It was all to set himself up for an eventual presidential run.

      Christie's narcissism is what is causing his downfall at the moment. Never underestimate the conservative mistrust towards him. Yes they would probably vote for him if push comes to shove... but I remember after the presidential election many on the hard right were blaming Sandy and Christie's reaction entirely for Obama's victory (forgetting everything else in their alternative universe). Many Republicans felt deeply hurt by it and they still hold it against him today. EJ Dionne in the Washington Post nailed it when he said one of Christie's problem in weathering this scandal is that he lacks a real hardcore conservative base.

      Conservative Republicans are also upset that Christie didn't do more to campaign for his party in the statewide elections as his landslide victory produced no coat tails for Republicans in the state legislature. This cemented Christie's image as a self-centered narcissist in their view and that is why you don't see many of them coming out in support of him now. In fact I think many on the hard right are happy to see him stew... after what they perceive he did to Romney after hurricane Sandy and what they perceive as his betrayal on certain key policies... immigration, gay marriage, gun rights, abortion etc...

      As EJ Dionne said in his Op-Ed Chrisitie's coalition consists of the media, wall street, establishment republicans... and I would add independents and a number of democrats who bought into the fake bipartisan image he crafted for himself with the help of the media. That is why this scandal is so damaging to him. He doesn't have a true core base to fall back on. This scandal is like a dart going through the heart of his bipartisan image thus splintering his loosely formed coalition of supporters who liked him just for that image primarily.

      •  Whether or not Democrats voted for him in his (0+ / 0-)

        candidacy for Governor of New Jersey does not at all translate to the national stage of a presidential election.  I would also add that regardless how how upset conservative Republicans currently are with Chris Christie, my perspective is that would all be forgotten once the primaries are over.  Romney went through the same thing.  The batshit wing of the party hated him for lots of reasons such as being Mormon (not sufficiently Christian), being the father of Obamacare (not being sufficiently...whatever you have to be to time travel and undo a great piece of legislation for his constituents), etc. and yet they all came home to roost in the general.

        And as far as whether or not this scandal is damaging to him or not in the long run, well I wasn't making any comments on that one way or the other.  My comment was simply my opinion on what his true motivations were/are for his punishment of various DEMOCRATIC MAYORS (hope that satisfies the officially sanctioned non-taboo language here on Dkos) in his state.

    •  He just wants to be wuvved... (0+ / 0-)

      "Did they really think that we wouldn't notice? Nice try-- but we got you!" Rev. Al Sharpton

      by growingMajorityMN on Mon Jan 13, 2014 at 03:30:08 PM PST

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    •  The Hug (0+ / 0-)

      Christie's hugging President Obama, after Obama came to tour the Sandy wreckage, was pure PR.  If Christie runs for president, he can point to that photo and claim that he even got along with the first African American President.  That will show that, unlike most GOP leaders, he isn't a racist or bigot.

      Merely more Republiscam misdirection.

      Sometimes, you need a sensa uma!

      by HashHoward on Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 07:38:08 AM PST

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