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View Diary: Why the Pope would be powerful even if he weren't Pope (118 comments)

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  •  Once again, I've said nothing about (0+ / 0-)

    people who practice catholicism.  I have only addressed the RCC, its policies and its leaders.  

    What YOU don't seem to want to do is to take lessons learned in history (or even recent history of Francis in Argentina) and apply some skepticism and hard questioning of what Francis is doing now.

    The UN just took on the task of grilling the Vatican about the massive and decades old abuse issue.  Francis simply formed a committee to "study the problem".  Why does it take a secular institution to get this religious institution to behave in a moral way?  

    Talk is cheap. Francis has the power and has had the time to "shake up" this institution.  

    Any good exchange of ideas includes hard questions. The problem is that many on Kos don't even want them asked.

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