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View Diary: ACA Signups: Medicaid: appx. 4.5M total, not sure where 1.24M comes from (7 comments)

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  •  How? (1+ / 0-)
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    Not sure how you arrive at that conclusion, Ned.

    The 7 million was private enrollees, not Medicaid.

    We're showing 2+ million, but that includes those who aren't going to make their payments so they'll have to be dropped in the near future -- undercutting the number by some unknown margin.

    And, now it comes out that the Medicaid expansion includes x million people who aren't "new", but renewing - throwing the validity of that number into serious question.

    The Washington Post also posted an article today saying too few young people were enrolling to support the level of older insureds who were signing up - and the possible outcome would be higher policies and insurers exiting markets.

    I'm simply not seeing any really good news here.

    •  Well, as in the Boston model, most young people (4+ / 0-)

      usually wait until the last minute. According to the AP, the percentage of young people 18-34 who have signed up represent a fraction of 24 percent.

      It is actually shocking consider reports by many in the media who suggested that young people would not have responded.  I am not the least bit concerned. We are only just close to halfway through the month of January.

      On the contrary, considering the forecast of failure, which has not materialized since October, despite a bad rollout, I am actually quite hopeful it will do alright.

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