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View Diary: Wisconsin-bashing (49 comments)

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  •  Agreed. Its pathetic (13+ / 0-)

    and doesn't promote the solidarity and cohesiveness we need to win elections, change minds, or inform people.

    It has always seemed to me those types of comments are ignorant of our (and other states) situations. They often convey a sense of smugness and self satisfaction from the commenter. It also pisses me off is irritating and offensive.

     The person/s making those comments has no idea of the battles we fight. Everyday. We have no  credible MSM, little money, and a lot of hard working progressives here who heroically put themselves out (see Solidarity Singers, OLB, and many well informed bloggers). It can and does get  nasty .Its a goddam shame I have to come here to get the news about the state I live in.

    I guarantee you whatever Valhalla utopian state they live in, with the batrillions of dollars funneled-just for this purpose,  it is headed their way. With a vengeance. States like Wi, Tx, Fla, Mi, all hear the same shit nonsense.

     If I could, haven't figured out how, I would make one lone comment and link it in response, every time one of those idiots posts that crap.

    Cripes, Just Stop. We have an election to win.

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