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View Diary: Christie was with Wildstein on 9/11/13 during Bridgegate (454 comments)

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  •  A smoking gun may well be uncovered. My point is (2+ / 0-)
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    that this picture is not it.

    •  I think it shows that Christie was not forthcoming (18+ / 0-) the press conference.

      Christie would probably not remember where he was or who he was with on any random date.  But he would remember where he was on 9/11.  And even if he was not close with Wildstein, as he claims, he certainly knew who he was on sight.  I believe he would have remembered that he was with Wildstein on 9/11 at this event.  

      I believe that Christie is also fully cognizant that this is precisely the time period when the bridge lane closures were in effect, and that he would be able to make the connection in his mind that he was with Wildstein during the lane closures.  In his own words, he was losing sleep over this thing in the two days before the press conference.  He would have been thinking about this kind of stuff.  He also would have been thinking about how he should respond to questions about Wildstein and his relationship with him.  I believe he could have said right there at the press conference that he was with Wildstein on 9/11, but he chose not to-- he chose instead to minimize his contacts with him.  

      So, no proof that he and Wildstein discussed the bridge thing on 9/11, but I say that this is still important in that it raises a question about how honest and forthcoming Christie was being at his press conference.  

      •  He had more time than two nights (3+ / 0-)
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        CenPhx, white blitz, skymutt

        Wildstein resigned from the PA in December.  Christie had plenty of time to reflect upon when he had conversations with Wildstein.  He was trying to distance himself from Wildstein and this photo undermines that attempt.

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