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  •  Sorry to hear this (19+ / 0-)

    I've had periods in my life like that, and no one deserves it. And for me anyway, winter makes it worse -- harder to go outside, grey, sun goes down too early.

    What's in my "toolbox" that might work for you:
    1. Protein, as much as you can, and low carbohydrates especially sugar and white flour. That's often hard because carbs are many people's comfort foods, plus they're cheap. (There should be a WIC program for depressed adults, that would pay for eggs, milk, etc.) I don't know who does the shopping, but have them look for chicken when it's on sale, tuna or canned salmon or even mackerel (cheaper), cottage cheese, eggs, the store brand cheese. Frozen vegetables are pretty good too.
    For me, the huge breakthrough, about 20 years ago, was discovering that I'm gluten-intolerant. Better than Prozac for me -- as long as I stay away from gluten grains. That doesn't work for everyone, obviously, but staying away from bread and cereals has other advantages so you might give it a try.
    2. Light -- lots of light. Outside is best, but even indoors keep the lights on.
    3. Exercise -- again, outdoors is best, but even if you could look online for a floor routine that uses your own body and maybe simple household items as weights. It gives a person something to do besides brood, and it does make your muscles and metabolism work better. If there's a YMCA near you, find out if they have a financial assistance program -- Ys are generally very welcoming to all sorts of people, regardless of religion or body size or shape.

    It can and does get better. It sounds as though finding places to go outside your house would be a big step forward. Don't just sit and brood and stew; that's never helpful and can lead to a big downward spiral.

    It can get better.

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