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View Diary: Fmr. CIA Deputy Dir. Morell In Sen. Judiciary Cmte. Testimony: NSA's “Metadata” Is “Content” (118 comments)

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  •  True. Which is why it is good to remember (0+ / 0-)

    that the Amendments to the Constitution are addressed to agents of government and the advice, not to interfere with speech, is good in the sense that when people are talking one can monitor what they are thinking and what actions are in the planning stages. The ostensible purpose, to insure respect for the human rights which grow out of our natural aptitudes and proclivities, was/is wishful thinking. Implications do not provide guarantees.
    We need to keep in mind, as Justice Scalia obviously does, that the "rights" with which man is endowed by the Creator are given lip service in the "original" and continue to be mostly aspirations. It is not inconsistent for the Cons to conclude that "what God hath given, let God deliver and let Him do it on judgement day." In the meantime, the Cons will rule as best they can -- i.e. whatever we let them get away with.

    Obamacare at your fingertips: 1-800-318-2596; TTY: 1-855-889-4325

    by hannah on Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 05:31:54 AM PST

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    •  No offense, but (0+ / 0-)

      I cannot for the life of me figure out what is relevant in this response, in terms of the original point about electronics and "on/off" vs "removing batteries".  


      This all started with "what the Republicans did to language".

      by lunachickie on Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 09:52:27 AM PST

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      •  We are outraged that agents of government (0+ / 0-)

        are listening to speech and reading written communications. Why? Because we have interpreted the Constitution as being human rights friendly? That's a mistake.
        If we don't want to be heard or attended, we should not speak and/or write and we should definitely not rely on electronic equipment, whether activated or dead.

        When our representatives are authorizing the purchase of equipment for surveillance and weapons of destruction (singular or mass), it is silly to expect them not to be used, abused or misused. Laws do nothing. They are figments of the imagination, less tangible than the dollar and not nearly as authentic.

        Obamacare at your fingertips: 1-800-318-2596; TTY: 1-855-889-4325

        by hannah on Wed Jan 15, 2014 at 10:09:43 AM PST

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