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  •  If one has taken any interest at all (2+ / 0-)
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    tb mare, METAL TREK

    in the tactics of the Republicans since President Obama's Inaguration Nite, 2009, they would know:

    On that night a group of Republicans got together (15) and hatched a strategy of "obstructionism," for anything and everything that would benefit the people of this country.  They even went so far as to set aside whether or not it would hurt the country as a whole.  The object:  Bring Obama down.

    The Norquist pledge:  Not to raise taxes under any circumstances.  Nevermind the tax base was lowered in time of war (2 wars), even though lowering taxes in the time of war was never done in our history before because it was a foolish and dumb thing to do; it was done.  

    Along with this Medicare Prescription Part D was passed, and not paid for.  The wars were not paid for nor put into the budget, remember?  President Obama inherited these costs which at last were accounted for.

    Then, let's not forget the greatest financial fiasco since the Great Depression of the 1930's.  Except for the fact that we now had Soc. Sec. in place, and FDIC to protect your savings accounts, it would have been just as bad.

    And, last, but not least.  The famous Mitch McConnell quote that "our first priority is to make Obama a one-term president."

    The saboteurs of the very country they serve have made a concerted effort to undermine any progress for jobs and improvement of the economy for the very reason of planning to run on how bad things have been under Obama.

    The American Jobs Act of 2011 is still languishing; Boehner would not put it on the table for an up or down vote. This, even though when receiving the gavel as Speaker he said his first priority was, "jobs, jobs, jobs."

    Anyone can read the Republican's idea of a jobs bill and they will find at center is more tax breaks for corporations, and deregulation.  That is the GOP only idea for job creation.

    It doesn't work; trickle down has never worked.

    Vote the bums out!

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