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View Diary: Robert Reich: Fear Is Why Poor States Vote Against Their Economic Interest (216 comments)

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  •  because there is no one to vote for (0+ / 0-)

    that protects their interest. Reich or Romney, alas.

    But their fundamental health care, unemployment, those votes matter.

    If Yertle the Turtle loses in the Senate it will indicate that when the right really turns more aggressively on their interests, they will vote for their itnersts.

    But seriously, TPP? All Dem all the way.

    Alas. And normally I hate people who say there is no difference because I am an advocate for women and women's health. But in this, there is no difference.

    •  False (1+ / 0-)
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      Dems are nearly as culpable as republicans,but not to the extent of all the way. The majority of pushback on these trade deals has come from the left while we hear crickets from the right.

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