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  •  Oh, and on "permanence of deference" (2+ / 0-)

    Example I was thinking of with that turn of phrase.

    There was a day that got heated on my campus between 2 groups: students of color passing out pamphlets on white cultural appropriation versus white students who showed up to counter-protest by offering free Mohawks in defense of free speech.  (A student referred to this as "Mohawkgate," just another example of the kind of fights about race that were common on this particular campus.)

    Folks from all camps ended up gathering for impromptu break-out sessions on the library quad, and I started leading my own discussion with my own students.  There were 6 or 7 of them, all white save 1 half Korean/half white woman.  The discussion was very productive--we had one Mohawker who was really starting to get it and I was impressed that he was starting to really listen and hear what we were trying to get him to consider.  And this was as he was saying some really offensive things.  

    Suddenly, a white woman rushes into the circle, outraged, "THIS CONVERSATION NEEDS TO STOP. NOW. THERE IS NO PERSON OF COLOR PRESENT."

    My Korean student burst into tears; she never, she replied, "counts" as a person of color.

    I reply to the student, "Hi, Professor of African-American Studies here?"

    This kind of incident was common.  I started holding my breath whenever a white student opened with, "I am a white ally" or "I'm working on examining my white privilege" because of how they could undo all I was working toward by just being so rude and presumptive and policing.  I'm sure the right-wingers on campus adored them.

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