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View Diary: Leaked documents show how Walmart trains managers to squash worker organizing (57 comments)

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    Wal-mart was one of my first jobs during college.  I unloaded trucks for 2 years and worked in paper goods and chemicals for the last year.

    I met some really good people, but I definitely approached it like the part-time job that it was and not a career.  

    Looking back, I'm not sure how people could live off of those wages or hours and still get by.  Now that I know more in life I'm aware that they couldn't/can't.

    During the first week or so one of the store managers came and gave a presentation on the ills of unionizing.  I was 19, I didn't know much at all about unions or care, but I recall him being demonstrative about it.  He mentioned how his first job when he was young was unionized and they were always taking dues from his paycheck.

    In my head I thought "well it couldn't hurt too much if you're now a head managers and driving a '72 Stingray", but I went on and worked there.

    Not anymore.  I've since received my degree and worked for a few organizations.  I've seen the good and bad of unions, but also the good and bad of corporations.  We're all in this life thing together and while it's great to get everything you can for you and your family, it becomes much more difficult when you're in constant competition with your fellow employee.

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