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View Diary: GOP Senators cast blame for recruitment woes (121 comments)

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  •  Who's to blame??? (none)
    Enlistments in the military surged after 9/11, as did the applications to service academies for officer training.  The 18 - 21 year old set four years later is no less patriotic.  After 9/11, young people saw a worthy and noble cause to fight for, and rushed to do so.  Today, they wonder why we're in Iraq (they know it's not directly related to 9/11), and they're not eager to join and fight for a cause that is not clear to them.  The president's speech last night did nothing to clarify our purposes of national interest.  So before these Senators blame their colleagues and the media, maybe they should look to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue for some answers.

    A Silent Cacophony

    •  They were used (none)
      Bush is a user.  I sat next to a young man on a plane in late 2004 who was headsing out to the Middle East. He joined the marines right after 911.  Bush used his patriotism.  He should burn in everylasting hell for what he has done to our patriotic young men and women.  I have no forgiveness in my heart for what he has done to them.

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