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View Diary: GOP Senators cast blame for recruitment woes (121 comments)

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  •  Party On! (none)
    This thread type--Repugs should enlist--which is released with ferocious frequency, always leaves me saddened.  No one should enlist for this war.  Using it as a subtext to attack Republican hypocrisy buries this higher moral purpose under a petty tactical partisan advantage.  If you are against the war, you are against anyone enlisting to fight it.  So let it be, NO one should fight in Iraq, and find another reason to attack the Republicans that doesn't conflict with this principle you seem to hold.  Even "chickenhawk," cowards, non-enlistees--an animal metaphor.  Is it reserved for people like me, too, who won't enlist or support this war, and whose party affiliation is unknown?  This thread always resembles propaganda, saying what people want to hear or believe in order to achieve an unrelated agenda.  The Repugs are "warmongery" enough for me without sacrificing their children to prove their credentials.
    •  dfddfsa (none)
      i said this a couple posts up...

      i challenge the republicans to put 200k young republicans who were registered to vote republican in 2004 on the ground in iraq for peaceful purposes/reconstruction/humanitarian aid. on that day, i will immediately enlist in the marines to be their sword and their shield. until 200k young "important" lives are at risk, i will not trust the policy to change to something reasonable and productive.

      now, im really off for that pitcher of beer.

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